THEALTER - 22nd International Meeting of Free Theaters


MASZK Association is an entirely non-institutional and non-governmental, non-profit organisation. Since the association was founded in 1991, their aim has always been to introduce and help experimenting, innovative artistic communities. As a result of their activity, the best artists working in a minority-marginal position could also perform in Szeged. The main objective of MASZK is to maintain ALTERRA - Contemporary Performing Arts Centre in the Old Synagogue.


In the past twenty years, the names of the Old Synagogue, that of THEALTER and of MASZK have gradually formed a close association. So far they have presented 160 groups from about 30 countries in Szeged, many of them for the first time in Hungary. MASZK has participated in several co-productions, carried out continuous production management, has established festivals, and their book and CD publishings were widely acknowledged. From civil management to supporting young talents, they have, in every way, contributed to increasing the national and international fame of Szeged. By presenting independent art groups and fresh and innovative theatres, they have aimed at making Szeged an even more dynamic meeting point for the theatres of the eastern, central and southern European region in these more than twenty years. They believe that they have also contributed to raising the prestige of Hungarian theater both in the region and in Europe.


In this year, the 22nd international festival got organized. There are more famous companies on the program, for example Kosztolányi Dezső Theater Subotica, Ágens Company, and the team of Béla Pintér, only three whose name is well-known in the public of Szeged. The program is available on the festivals official website where you can book your ticket, too.


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