International Tisza Fish Festival

Every year, International Tisza Fish Festival is held  on September’s firts weekend on both sides of River Tisza. In 2012, it will be on between 31 August and 2 September. One of the biggest culinary festival in Hungary is organized for 16th time by Sándor Frank – masterchef awarded with Venesz Prize.

On the riverside of the city centre, the masterchef cooks his traditional fishsoup in a giant cauldron. Even the ingredients come on unusual way: a witch flyes down from the sky with the paprika, and the best onions boats from Makó. If the fishsoup gets ready, hundreds can taste that. If you can’t wait for Szeged’s fishsoup, you can try fishmeals of local restaurants.

On the other riverside in Újszeged, companies, friends, families, societies compete their self-made fish soup

Don’t worry if you don’t like fishmeals: there are concerts, dance shows, performances, fire work, art and crafts fair.

Program guide

Friday, 31th August 2012.
Main stage
12.30 Geszti Péter és a Gringo Sztár
15.30 Miss Alpok Adria International Beauty Contest Beauty Contest
17.30 Joker Band
20.00 Péter Geszti ant the Gringo Sztár
22.30 Útközband Band

Saturday, 1st September 2012.
Main stage
9.00 Miss Alpok Adria International Beauty Contest Beauty Contest
11.00 PeTimi Children's Theatre
12.00 Jó ebédhez szól a nóta - Győző Csicsó's band
14.30 Szeged Line Dance Club – Country dance
15.00 Gellért  Bihari humorist
15.15 CDC Dance school - Orsolya Makra
16.00 Szerencse percek - Szerencsejáték Zrt
17.15 Party Mix Band
19.30 Ritmus Dance School - Hajnalka Tombácz
20.00 Miss Alpok Adria International Beauty Contest Beauty Contest
22.00 On the stage: Bernadett Raksa

Small stage
13.00 Csiga duó - for kids
14.00 Százszorszép gyermekház - for kids
15.00 Pavane Táncegyüttes - XIX. century dances
18.30 On the stage: Róbert Vecsernyés

9.00 Festival opening: Sándor Frank
10.00 Military bands
11.00 Skydiving arrival, the ingredients from the sky: the Szeged Paprika for the fish soup
12.00 Gypsy bands
15.00 Colorado Country Band

Sunday, 2nd September 2012.
Main stage
11.30 Jó ebédhez szól a nóta - Győző Csicsó's band
13.30 Molnár Dixieland
14.45 Szeged Line Dance Klub – Country dance
15.05 András Nagy Bandó - humorist
15.50 Talent Tehetségkutató Énekstúdió
17.10 Ritmus Dance School - Hajnalka Tombácz
17.30 Notar Mary
18.45 On the stage: Bernadett Raksa
21.00 Gypsy bands
22.00 Fireworks and Laser Show

Small stage
13.00 Százszorszép gyermekház - for kids
15.00 Pavane Táncegyüttes - XIX. century dances
16.00 On the stage: Tibor Várkonyi

Other programs:

27th August - 1st September
"A szögedi híd alatt..."
Historical exhibition of the Szeged fish soup (Sándor Frank, the Venesz Award winner chef's private collection)
Location: Somogyi-library, 1st floor