The postman who eats the mails - new performance of L'art pour L'art Company

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Date(s) - 2015/04/18
19:00 - 21:00

IH Conference Center

L’ART POUR L’ART Company presents their new performance.

“Humanity is looking for answers about the world from the beginning. Why were we born and what is happing with us after death? Who is laughing now? How did the boots got on the table, and why is it good for the spider? How old is the capitian? How much is Pi, and what will be the title of  L’art pour l’art Company’s new performance?
We aren’t able to find all answers on our questions, but we know it on the last two: “3,14” and “The postman who eats the mails”.
Enjoy it!”

The performance’s language is Hungarian.

Móni Szászi, Róbert Dolák-Saly, András Laár, Zsolt Pethő

Ticket information:
Price: 2.900 HUF
You can buy them before the event in Belvárosi Mozi or in IH Conference Center.