Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre (Subotica, Serbia)-MASZK Association (Szeged) : Pass-port Segedin/Szeged

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Date(s) - 2012/07/23
18:00 - 19:00

Old Synagogue

performed by: Csorba Kata, Mezei Kinga, Mészáros Gábor, Seres István Pipu
costume: Pletl Zoltán
set design: Sinkovics Ede
music: Dobó Rihárd
choreography assistant: Seres István Pipu
animal sculptures: Mamužić Daniela
music advisor, dramaturg: Antal Attila
directed by: Urbán András

On the other side of the border, there is the unknown. This is not symbolic. You have no idea. Neither have we, though I think it’s not true… Is what’s not yours really yours?
We have rights, we have claims. Today we even have the means to achieve them. You will not be asked. But don’t forget! We love you like you have never loved us…

persona non grata

“Mother, Mother, I only want a tattooed pig, a big fat Mangalitza!”

Under the project name Pass-port, a new long-term cooperation has started between Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre in Subotica and MASZK Association, supported by the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme for the years 2011-12. The project includes three theatre performances: the first one reflects on life and conditions in Vojvodina/Serbia, the second focuses on similar issues in the Szeged region, while as a cross-section of these two, a third performance opens up further modes of interpretation.
Actors of Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, as well as guest artists from Subotica and Szeged will take part in the creative work, with András Urbán as director. The first performance, Pass-port Szabadka/Subotica – City of Demons was staged in May in the Old Synagogue in Szeged and in Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, and it is performed twice on the second day of THEALTER Festival. The premiere of Pass-port Segedin/Szeged is the opening performance of the festival, while the third piece is to be staged in autumn.
The productions are based on sociological surveys and personal interviews in the region, carried out by the actors themselves, in order to find out how we live and what we think about our neighbours on the other side of the border.

MASZK has been working together with András Urbán and Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre since 2003. We have staged ten theatre co-productions till 2011, several of which have been awarded at national and international festivals.

www.kosztolanyi.org * www.maszk.hu

The main supporter of the project is the Hungary-Serbia IPA Crossborder Co-operation Programme and the European Union.

The guest performance was supported by: Szeged MJV