Award-movies II.

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Date(s) - 2012/09/26

Castle Museum, Stefania Street

Az idő mikor semmin nem meditáltam (At Times I Meditate Nothing)
r.: Nicholas Kovats, Kanada, 2012, fikciós játékfilm, 3′

Inspired by Fred Jenne’s wonderful Chocolate Inspirational Experience and the beautiful space/grounds of The Yoga House here in Toronto, Canada.

Ifjú puskások (Young guns)
r.: Stefan Möckel, Németország, 1992, kísérleti film, 1′

You gotta see this…

Éreztem a pulzusod, 2. verzió (I Felt Your Pulse version II.)
r.: Nicholas Kovats, Kanada, 2012, dokumentumfilm, 5′

This is evolving into a ongoing record dedicated to Darcy Allan Sheppard. Michael Bryant was our former provincial Attorney General (Ontario Liberal Party) and also former Aboriginal Minister who killed Darcy Allan Sheppard, an Aboriginal cyclist and courier back in 2009. The case was never brought to trial, evidence was never tested and Bryant walked free and still maintains political ambitions.

Ballada a Lunaparkról (Ballade au Lunaparc)
r.: Marie-Paule Stokart, Belgium, 2010, fikciós játékfilm, 7′

Video-poem in color and black and white : when the magic of the imagination enters the shadows of the everyday life…

Víz, levegő és álmok (Water, air and dreams)
r.: Cécile Ravel, Franciaország, 2009, Kísérleti film, 10′

Two young girls are strolling by the seashore. The presence of the water and of the wind determine  specific motions . The film is divided into five different actions (toppling on the rocks, running along the sea, dreaming in the wind, doing cartwheels on the sand, playing with the backwash) according to the five rolls of the  super 8 films used to film each one of these actions.

Az én bibliám (Meine Bibel)
r.: Stefan Möckel, Németország, 1995, kísérleti film, 1′

You gotta see this…

Egy volt szigetről a száműzetésbe: Sete (From an ex island into exile: Sete)
r.: Cécile Ravel, Franciaország, 2011, kísérleti dokumentumfilm, 14′

A meditation on the theme of Mediterranean exile, focussing on the Italians arriving in Sete, the town where I was born.

Tea parti (Tea Party)
r.: Lucas Ostrowski, USA, 2011/2012, kísérleti film, 3′

A woman on the edge struggles to keep up appearances.

Tartalékos tisztek (Reserve Officers)
r.: Gonzalo Egurza, Argentína, 2012, kísérleti film, 3′

Structural version in Super8mm, of a photograph from 1939 of the 3rd Artillery Regiment 1st Battery, Reserve Officer applicants.

A trimotor felszállása (The launch of the trimotor)
r.: Enrique De Tomás, Spanyolország, 2011, fikciós játékfilm, 18′

After the arrival of a sofa at home, Eleanor’s mind begins to ramble. For a hyperactive and bossy girl everything has to have an explenation, and if it doesn’t, she resorts to inventing.

Can Cruiser Red
r.:Nicholas Kovats, Kanada, 2012, fikciós játékfilm, 2′

„Brilliant fall colors, red cruiser bike, red jacket. And one very happy new owner. Is Ektachrome 100D the new Kodachrome?”