Award-movies III.

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Date(s) - 2012/09/27

Castle Museum, Stefania Street

Róla szóló emlékeim hiánya (My Memories Of Her Are Missing)
r.: Nicholas Kovats, Kanada, 2011, fikciós játékfilm, 3′

“I present my first filmic “sketch” utilizing the UltraPan8 film format. The short film is called “my memories of her are missing”

Madártoll (Feather)
r.: Cécile Ravel, Franciaország, 2010, kísérleti dokumentumfilm, 22′

Plume is a diary about the disease of an anorexic teenager, written and filmed by her mother. Shot in super 8 as days go by, the mother expresses her despair and hopes about the possible recovery of her daughter, by pasting texts on the different walls of the rooms and by filming her daughter’s face and body.

Gaetane és Cécile
r.: Strike, Belgium, 2009, Kísérleti portréfilm, 12′

Portrait of a lonely mother and her daughter…

Master Blaster
r.: Wenancjusz Szuster, Lengyelország, 2009, Rövidfilm, animáció, klip, 3′ 

Short, partly animated story about Jesus appearing in Warsaw (in front of Warszawa Powisle Train Station). He is animated plastic doll, riding his skateboard. Shot & directed by myself, music composed by the known Polish rock group “Cool Kids of Death”. This film is part of the bigger (yet unfinished) project called “Warsaw8”
(8 films, stories, directors, 1 location in the city).

Termosz érkezése, jelenléte és eltűnése (The arrival, presence and disappearance of Termos)
r.: Hegedűs 2 László, Magyarország, 2007, kísérleti film, 7′

Vision about a “traveler passing through”,  about freedom, about nature, and the loss of all this.

Gutenberg & Lumiere
r.: Klausz Péter, Magyarország, 2012, kísérleti film, 2′

After chemical and mechanical manipulation of the celluloid, appears different textures by the original pictures.

Valentino Polke
r.: Oliver Lomeli, Mexikó, 2011, kísérleti film, 10′

This film is the story of a troubled man who vainly sought a way out of his thoughts. Valentino is a prisoner of his troubled memories caused by realtionship with women.