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Date(s) - 2012/09/28

Castle Museum, Stefania Street

Jósok (Diviners)
r.: Martin Fossum, USA, 2012, rövidfilm, 14′

Two people make a journey from city to sea to learn about each other and to fulfill a promise made the night before to see the sunset over the ocean by day’s end.

r.: Khristine Gillard, Marco Rebuttini, Franciaország, Olaszország, 2009, dokumentumfilm, 23′

Miramen: from provencal, mirage. Camargue is an island which demands man who lives there to become one with her.
This world between earth and water is one where the river, the sea and the communityof lagoons meet. It is a world of gestures- those of the gardian-centaur, the pond fisherman, the tellinier, the swamp hunter – written bodies and landscapes. There was the beast.

Az Agy Modulátor (The Brain Modulator)
r.: Florian Rau, Németország, 2011, fikciós játékfilm, 4′

When implanted into the back of person’s head, The brain Modulator increases both working morale and productivity and even allows for wireless thought transmission. A spoof 1950s promotionaél film presenting a fresh look at the promisses of science, the unconditional faith in technology and the cliché the lazy student.

Vigilia pascual en la coruna
r.: Ignacio Benedeti, Olaszország, 2012, dokumentumfilm, 11′

A documentary of an vigilia.

Lógok a szeren (Hanging from the apparatus)
r.: Erlauer Balázs, Hrivnák Anita, Lass Péter, Magyarország, 2012, elbeszélés, adaptáció, 4′

The film reinterpreting the Hanging from the apparatus chapter of Frigyes Karinthy’s Please Sir!, by change his mellow-grotesque humor to our presents sour-grotesque.

Bow to the land of ice
r.: Ignacio Benedeti, Olaszország, 2011, dokumentumfilm, 7′ 

Visiting Scotland and Norway

Voodoo Swing, “Keep on Rollin’ ”
r.: Steven Christopher Wallace, USA, 2012, videoklip, 9′

Music video for the Rockabilly band Voodoo Swing’s album, “Keep on Rollin’ “