Szeged City Guide - detailed information about Szeged:

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Bohém Bistro

The place is surrounded with the athmosphere of classic coffee houses and summer fesitvals in the middle of the city. Guests can enjoy cultural programs, live music nights, theatrical performances and dance evenings.
Enjoy the coffe specialities and delecious foods on the big, cosily furnished terrace.

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Alabárdos Restaurant

Alabárdos, one of the oldest restaurants of Szeged was opened in 1967. In Oskola Street, you can taste typical Hungarian and some modern dishes. In the cellar, you can also visit unique attractions: two huge cast iron plats, made in 1880.

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Gőry Cellar and Terrace


Gőry Cellar and Terrace - based in a traditional Szeged-frontage house - has opened more than 10 years ago. The homey restaurant offers typical local and regional dishes, but you can choose their specialities from their menu.

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Dugonics téri Confectionery and Inn

Classic coffee-house-feeling and traditional cakes and ice creams are available on Dugonics Square.

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