Szeged City Guide - detailed information about Szeged:

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The Old Bridge Restaurant

The restuarant is located at the botton of Belvárosi brigde, which was called Old Bridge before. On the restaurants menu, you can find traditional Hungarian beef-, pork-, poultry- and fish dishes. After the main dishes you can choose from typical dessert.

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Sótartó - Roosevelt Square Fish Tavern

If you say Hungarian fish soup, most of the citizens answer: Sótartó. The restaurant is located at the botton of Belvárosi bridge. Guests can enjoy their typical Hungarian meals on the terrace in summer while listening to traditional gipsy music.

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Alabárdos Restaurant

Alabárdos, one of the oldest restaurants of Szeged was opened in 1967. In Oskola Street, you can taste typical Hungarian and some modern dishes. In the cellar, you can also visit unique attractions: two huge cast iron plats, made in 1880.

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Öreg Kőrössy Fisherman's Inn

The fisherman's inn was opened by József Kőrössy and his son in the 1930's. Typical Hungarian meals and fish-dishes are on the menu. The inn is directly at the riverside and live music consorts your meal.

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