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Traditional fish soup of Szeged

It has been a question among Hungarians, which fish soup is the best: the fish soup of Szeged or the fish soup of Baja is finer. Both soups has its own characteristics and traditions.

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Pick Salami

The unique smell and taste of Pick salami come from the special base material, the traditional technology of salami production, the climatic conditions along river Tisza, the local existence of the mouldflora and the saved professional knowledge - given from salami master to salami master.

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Paprika of Szeged

Paprika appeared in the 1500s in Hungary. The first written memorandum of the plant in Szeged is from1748. Now its one of the basic ingredients of all traditional Hungarian food.

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Szeged Slippers

Traditional slippers are the most popular arts and crafts products of Szeged. In nowdays, the locals discovers their beauty and elegance, lots of them are wearing them on weddings and traditional events.

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