Traditional fish soup of Szeged


It has been a question among Hungarians for a long time, which city has finer fish soup: Szeged or Baja. Both soups have their own characteristics and traditions.

The indispensable ingredients of the traditional fish soup made in Szeged: three types of fish and the Szeged paprika. The cauldron is essential.

After cleaning the fish take out the fish milk and eggs. Cut off the fish heads and tails and cook it with sliced onion.
Add enough water to cover the meat. Boil covered for an hour. Add paprika and salt.
Put broth in a soup pot, add water and heat. Add fish morsels, fish milk and eggs, paprika, peppers, salt. After 15-minute  boiling add the hot peppers, paprika and tomatoes. Low boil until fish is done, stir gently as to not break apart the fish.

- 1 kg of carp
- 0,5 kg of catfish
- 25 dkg of sturgeon
- 25 dkg of pike
- 30 dkg of red onion (Mako)
- 25 g Szeged Paprika Powder
- 10 dkg pepper, 5 dkg tomato
- 2-3 db hot pepper (or chili) and salt

Taste it here
- Roosevelt Square Fish Tavern
Öreg Kőrössy Fisherman's Inn