Paprika of Szeged

Paprika appeared in the 1500s in Hungary. The first written memorandum of the plant in Szeged is from1748. Now its one of the basic ingredients of all traditional Hungarian food.

It became popular because of its taste and therapeutic effect, but its hot taste was a bad side effect. Even its name cames from this: at the beginning priests (in Hungarian "pap") grow paprika in their yards but the crop made them cry (in Hungarian: "ríkat").

Alsóváros became the center of paprika-growing. The spice was produced in huge, trading volume. In 1920s, a non-hot plant was found which made the spice more popular for those, who hadn't like the hot taste and the sweet paprika growing had been started.

There are 4 fact why paprika from Szeged became well-known all around the world:
- its genome which adapted very well to the region's conditions,
- sunshine
- the soil along the river Tisza
- and the competence inherited from father to son for decades.

If you would like to learn more about ground paprika's making process, please visit the website of Szegedi Paprika Cco. and check the Paprika Museum menu or visit Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum.