Pick Salami

Márk Pick founded his company in 1869, later he enlarged it with salami produce. After his death his son, Jenő  - who had professional knowledge and a good sence to promotion - led the family-company, and the brand got well-known all around the world.

The unique smell and taste of Pick salami come from the special base material, the traditional technology of salami production, the climatic conditions along river Tisza, the local existence of the mouldflora and the saved professional knowledge - given from salami master to salami master.

The Pick factory - working already on Felső-Tisza-part - has become the largest food processing company in Hungary in the interwar period.

With transfering the factory to the riverside, the cooling became easier: it was always windy in the seasoning tower. Cooling was one of the most necessary phases in the process, that's why salamis were made in winter at the beginning, the wintersalami name cames from this. In modern age, cooling technology development made possible to produce salamis during the whole year, day by day.

The main phases of salami making process are:
- preparation of meat
- selection of the meat by quality
- cooling
- cutting of pork meat and pork lard
- seasoning
- filling in casings
- smoking
- drying
- maturing
- building of mould
- packaging

The learn more about salami, please check the website of Pick Salami Co. or visit to Pick Salami and Szeged Paprika Museum! Don't miss to taste it!