Szeged Slippers

Traditional slippers are the most popular arts and crafts products of Szeged. In nowdays, the locals re-discover their beauty and elegance, lots of them wear them on weddings and traditional events.

Hungarian had met with the comfort of slippers during the Turkish occupation, and spread after the big flood in 1879 - which destroyed the whole city -, when as part of the rebuild, all of the streets got covered with stone. The centre of arts and crafts was Móraváros where the workers sat down. Slippers were worn by the peasantry at the beginning, but soon after turned into ceremonial attire. Nowdays slippers symbolize being a Hungarian and a Szegeder.

The velvet top is decorated with needlework and the figures are the country's typical  flowers: poppy, knapweed, wheatear and lily of the valley. Other characteristics of the Szeged slippers are: red colour, knocking and the ribbon.