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Corso Café

Corso Café is on Kárász Street. The café has inside typical pub-feeling and the guests - sitting on the terrace - can enjoy the bustle of Szeged's main street.

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Millennium Café

Millenium Café welcomes those custemers who would like to enjoy the original feeling of a coffee house. The café has an extra, big room which gives ground to dance events, performances, conversations, special events, concerts.

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Rongy Kocsma (Rag Pub)

Rongy Kocsma was opened on the 30 December 2011. The new place has became popular very fast. It's located in on of the old and closed clothing factory's building.

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Pivo Vár Pub and Delicatessen

Pivo Vár is one of the haunts of students at the uni-buildings. Pivo has wide-range of drinks and fresh-made foods. In summer, you can enjoy your lunch in the court. The spend your time you can play on soccer, pinball or you can wath on big screen TVs the match.

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Nyugi Café and Open-Air Pub

Nyugi welcomes its guests at Ady Square for more than 10 years. Across the road, there is the library of University of Szeged which means that most of the time students enjoy the peace of the place.

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Casablanca Café

Casablanca Café is on the gallery of Belvárosi Cinema. Guests can enjoy the coffee specialities, cocktails and wine in movie-feeling. In summer, the café has a terrace in front of the building.

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