Cycling in Szeged

The bicycle is a very popular vehicle in Szeged. The 5964 km long EuroVelo 11 bicycle route network goes through the city.

EV 11 – East Europe Route: North Cape – Athens 5,984 km
EuroVelo 11 is called the East Europe Route and connect (theoretically) the North Cape with Athens.
The Hungarian part is longer than 300 km - connects Sátoraljaújhely and Szeged.

What is EuroVelo?
EuroVelo is a project of the European Cyclists' Federation to develop a cycle route network consisting of 13 long-distance routes crossing Europe. The total length will exceed 70,000 km, of which more than 45,000 km are in place. EuroVelo routes are intended for bicycle touring across the continent, though they are also used locally. The routes are made of both existing bike paths and roads together with proposed and planned cycle routes to connect them.

The aim of EuroVelo is to encourage people to try cycling instead of driving. Although some will cycle across the continent, most journeys will be local.
Development is by national, regional and local governments and NGOs in all European countries. The international status helps in funds and political support for construction. Only routes approved by the EuroVelo route coordinator can call themselves EuroVelo.

Two bicycle route network goes throught Hungary
EuroVelo 6: It runs from Nantes on the mouth of the Loire, along the river eastward through France. It continues on to Lake Constance in Switzerland and then down the Danube through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, where it passes the UNESCO Heritage site Srebarna Nature Reserve then into Romania to the UNESCO Heritage site of the Danube Delta, and ends in Constanţa, on the Black Sea. EV6 includes the Donauradweg, the bicycle path along the Danube; this stretches from Donaueschingen and Passau in Germany through Austria to Vienna and continues on to Bratislava in Slovakia.
EuroVelo 11: EuroVelo 11 is called the East Europe Route and connect (theoretically) the North Cape with Athens.

EuroVelo map:
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Cycle Map - Szeged